D: David Mirkin
MGM/Icon/Winchester (John Davis & Irving Ong)
US 2001
124 mins
W: Robert Dean, Paul Guay & Stephen Mazur
DP: Dean Semler 
Ed: William Steinkamp
Mus: Danny Elfman
PD: Lilly Kilvert
Sigourney Weaver (Max Conners), Jennifer Love Hewitt (Page Conners), Gene Hackman (William B. Tensy), Jason Lee (Jack Withrowe), Ray Liotta (Dean Cumanno), Anne Bancroft (Gloria Vogal)
Sigourney Weaver & Jennifer Love Hewitt play mother-and-daughter confidence tricksters who seduce rich men into a quick marriage while the other seduces them for a quick divorce settlement, but they meet their final intended job turns out harder than expected when one of them falls in love.
The comedy style isn't very consistent throughout the film and Sigourney Weaver saves Jennifer Love Hewitt's performance, although neither can do a very convincing foreign accent. Gene Hackman almost steals the show as the intended target, an elderly, chain-smoking tobacco tycoon with his healthier days far behind him. Enjoyable more as a guilty pleasure movie than as anything more substantial.

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Sigourney Weaver in Heartbreakers
Jennifer Love Hewitt & Sigourney Weaver in Heartbreakers