Heart & Souls

D: Ron Underwood
Universal/Alphaville/Stampede (Nancy Roberts & Sean Daniel)
US 1993
104 mins
W: Brent Maddock, S. S. Wilson, Gregory Hansen & Erik Hansen
DP: Michael Watkins
Ed: O. Nicholas Brown
Mus: Marc Shaiman
Robert Downey, Jr. (Thomas Reilly), Charles Grodin (Harrison Winslow), Alfre Woodard (Penny Washington), Kyra Sedgwick (Julia), Tom Sizemore (Milo Peck), Elisabeth Shue (Anne), David Palmer (Hal)
A very early comedy performance from Robert Downey, Jr. as a businessman visited by the spirits of 4 people who died the very moment he was born and now need his help to right the wrongs in their lives before they can pass on into the afterlife.
It's a really sweet, feelgood comic fantasy which didn't quite get the attention it duly deserved on its original release.

The cast of Heart & Souls
The cast of Heart & Souls