Harry & Tonto

D: Paul Mazursky
20th Century Fox (Paul Mazursky)
US 1974
115 mins


W: Paul Mazursky & Josh Greenfield
DP: Michael Butler
Ed: Richard Halsey
Mus: Bill Conti

Art Carney (Harry Coombes), Tonto (Tonto), Ellen Burstyn (Shirley Mallard), Chief Dan George (Sam Two Feathers), Geraldine Fitzgerald (Jessie Stone), Larry Hagman (Eddie Coombes)         

An old man and his cat travel across America following his eviction from his New York apartment.
An amiable character study from director-writer Paul Mazursky, like a charming mix between a Federico Fellini-Woody Allen film.
Art Carney caused a huge surprise by winning the 1974 Best Actor Oscar, though his passive character is more interesting than the performance itself.

Harry & Tonto
Harry & Tonto