Harold & Maude

D: Hal Ashby
Paramount (Colin Higgins & Charles B. Mulvehill)
US 1971
90 mins


W: Colin Higgins
DP: John A. Alonzo
Ed: William A. Sawyer & Edward Warschilka 
Mus: Cat Stevens

Bud Cort (Harold Chasen), Ruth Gordon (Maude), Vivian Pickles (Mrs. Chasen), Charles Tyner (Uncle Victor), Ellen Geer (Sunshine)

Harold, a young man from a wealthy family, obsessed with death and fruitlessly faking his own suicide to gain attention from his mother, meets Maude, a free-spirited 79-year-old woman at a funeral, and together they form a friendship, which, after a series of wacky adventures, develops into a romance, much to the alarm of Harold's mother.
In 1971, the film wasn't much of a hit, but a cult following on college campuses during the later half of the 1970's has made the film a modern classic.
Harold & Maude may be the epitome of bad taste, but don't let that put you off, this cult film is undoubtedly an audience divider, but those who can take it will find it quite life-affirming.

Ruth Gordon & Bud Cort in Harold & Maude
Ruth Gordon & Bud Cort in Harold & Maude