Hannah & Her Sisters

D: Woody Allen
Orion (Robert Greenhut)
US 1986
106 mins
W: Woody Allen
DP: Carlo di Palma
Ed: Susan E. Morse
PD: Stuart Wurtzel
Cos: Jeffrey Kurland

Woody Allen (Mickey), Mia Farrow (Hannah), Michael Caine (Elliot), Carrie Fisher (April), Barbara Hershey (Lee), Dianne Wiest (Holly), Max Von Sydow (Frederick)
A wife discovers of her husbands infidelity, while her sisters are having relationship issues of their own.
This is often hailed as one of Woody Allen's better works, though I actually thought this wasn't anything particularly special at all. In fact, it was rather boring.
Littered with pretentious, upper East Side New Yorkers, pseudo-intellectual dialogue and no real point to any of the stories or failing to resolve any of issues of infidelity that it raises, leaving a rather loose moral that "it's okay to fuck your wife's sister (or even your adopted daughter, perhaps)".
Strictly for Allen fans or those who yearn a bohemian lifestyle.  I really didn't think this was as good as its reputation suggests.

Woody Allen & Mia Farrow in Hannah & Her Sisters
Woody Allen & Mia Farrow in Hannah & Her Sisters