A History of Violence

Everyone's got something to hide
Everyone's got something to hide
D: David Cronenberg
New Line (Chris Bender & J. C. Spink)
US/Germany 2005
96 mins
W: Josh Olson [based on the graphic novel by John Wagner & Vince Locke]
DP: Peter Suschitzky
Ed: Ronald Sanders
Mus: Howard Shore

Viggo Mortensen (Tom Stall), Maria Bello (Edie Stall), Ed Harris (Carl Fogarty), William Hurt (Richie Cusack), Ashton Holmes (Jack Stall), Heidi Hayes (Sarah Stall), Peter MacNeill (Sheriff Sam Carney)
After preventing an armed robbery at his small town coffee shop, a family man finds himself constantly hounded by mafia henchmen, convinced that he is their mob bosses long-lost and disgraced brother.
A subtle thriller, which builds the tension slowly before a rather unsatisfying ending. All the performances are fantastic, Maria Bello & William Hurt standouts, although the latter's acting could also be criticised for being ridiculously over the top as a mobster kingpin. A fine return to form for Canadian director David Cronenberg.

Viggo Mortensen in A History of Violence
Viggo Mortensen in A History of Violence