The Garbage Pail Kids

Out of the garbage pail & into your heart
Out of the garbage pail & into your heart
D: Rod Amateau
Atlantic/Topps (Rod Amateau) 
USA 🇺🇸 1987
97 mins
W: Rod Amateau & Melinda Palmer [based on characters created by John Pound]
DP: Harvey Genkins
Ed: Leon Carrere & M. Edward Sallier
Mus: Michael Lloyd
Mackenzie Astin (Dodger), Anthony Newley (Captain Manzini), Kate Barberi (Tangerine), Ron MacLachlan (Juice)

For those who don't remember, The Garbage Pail Kids were a series of trading cards which were popular during the early-mid 1980's, featuring mutant characters with nauseating features and grotesque names and while it's perfectly understandable why they were a school playground favourite, the crossover to the big screen really doesn't work well.
The film is puerile nonsense featuring a bullied kid who inadvertently discovers the garbage pail kids hiding out in a junk shop and they help him get one over on the bullies.
The film has little appeal for anyone who isn't prepubescent, despite having a 15 certificate. The makeup and visual effects are disgusting, which may well be the point, but these characters will actually make you sick.
It's just one of those bad movies from the 1980's which needs to be left in that decade and forgotten about completely.

The Garbage Pail Kids
The Garbage Pail Kids