Gregory's Girl

This has to be the match of the day...
This has to be the match of the day...
D: Bill Forsyth
Lake/NFFC/STV (Clive Parsons & Davina Belling)
UK 🇬🇧 1981
91 mins


W: Bill Forsyth
DP: Michael Coulter
Ed: John Gow
Mus: Colin Tully

Gordon John Sinclair (Gregory), Dee Hepburn (Dorothy), Jake D'Arcy (Phil Menzies), Claire Grogan (Susan)

A coming-of-age tale from a small Scottish town at the turn of the 1980's, where a teenage goalkeeper for the school team becomes attracted to the new female addition, who is also a talented player.
Bill Forsyth's film tackles sexual equality at the same time it does the pangs of adolescence, with charming performances from its leading actor Gordon John Sinclair and Dee Hepburn as the object of his affection.
The film became an unexpected worldwide success on the back of appreciative word of mouth. 
A sequel, Gregory's Two Girls, emerged in 1999, but failed to capture the essence of this first film.

Gregory's Girl
Gregory's Girl