Green Street

Stand your ground and fight
Stand your ground and fight
D: Lexi Alexander
Universal/Oddlot (Gigi Pritzker, Deborah Del Prete & Donald Zuckerman)
UK/USA πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 2004
109 mins


W: Dougie Brimson, Joshua Shelov & Lexi Alexander
DP: Alexander Buono
Ed: Paul Trejo
Mus: Christopher Franke

Elijah Wood (Matt Buckner), Charlie Hunnam (Pete Dunham), Claire Forlani (Shannon Dunham), Marc Warren (Steve Dunham)

Lager, football, fighting and bad accents in this crime-drama aimed at those who read Nuts magazine (a British tits and arses tabloid marketed for young men aged 18-30).
Elijah Wood swaps Hobbiton for Hooliganism as a journalism student who visits his sister in London, only to get drawn into the world of West Ham United football club, becoming associated with a group of 'ooligans led by dodgy-accented Charlie Hunnam.
Like the same year's 'The Football Factory', it depicts "lad culture" and glorifies football violence without really saying anything or being even the least bit intelligent with its presentation.
Known as Green Street Hooligans in the US, a few sequels followed, to very little success.

Green Street
Green Street