Goodbye, Mr. Chips

D: Sam Wood
MGM (Victor Saville)
USA 🇺🇸 1939
114 mins
W: R. C. Sheriff, Claudine West & Eric Maschwitz [based on the novella by James Hilton]
DP: Freddie Young
Ed: Charles Frend
Mus: Richard Addinsell
Robert Donat (Charles Chipping), Greer Garson (Katherine Ellis), Terry Kilburn (John/Peter Colley), John Mills (Young Peter Colley), Paul Henreid (Max Staefel), Judith Furse (Flora), Lynn Harding (Dr. Wetherby)
Robert Donat delivers an iconic Oscar-winning performance as crotchety schoolteacher Charles Chipping, who reflects upon his life and career, from his first job and the impact he had on scores of schoolboys, to the ill-fated marriage which initially made him an even more charismatic personality.
Though the production seems historical by today's standards, the performances still maintain it's place as a old-fashioned favourite. A classic weepie.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Goodbye, Mr. Chips