A weekend wasted is never a wasted weekend
A weekend wasted is never a wasted weekend
GO (18)
D: Doug Liman
Columbia/Banner/Saratoga (Paul Rosenberg, Mickey Liddell & Matt Freeman)
USA 🇺🇸 1999
103 mins


W: John August
DP: Doug Liman
Ed: Stephen Mirrione
Mus: BT

Sarah Polley (Ronna), Desmond Askew (Simon), Taye Diggs (Marcus), William Fichtner (Burke), Katie Holmes (Claire), Breckin Meyer (Tiny), Jay Mohr (Zack), Timothy Olyphant (Todd), Scott Wolf (Adam)

American Graffiti for the 1990's, showing a drug deal gone wrong from three different points of view.
Set over a crazy night in the build up to Christmas, the first of the three perspectives is from Ronna, a young supermarket assistant who sets up her own drug deal to raise cash to avoid an impending eviction, but the deal turns sour and she ends up pursued by a vengeful dealer.
The second segment focuses on a guy's night out in Las Vegas, incurring the wrath of two gangsters who set out for blood.
The third stories reprises events from the first chapter, shown from a different point of view and ties into events from the second film, bringing the story full circle.
Go is a high-octane indie project with some highly entertaining scenes and amusing dialogue, Sarah Polley is fantastic as Ronna, but the weakest performance belongs to Desmond Askew, whose English accent jars the ear despite the actor actually being British.
Some might call this a teen-orientated Pulp Fiction, but it really doesn't deserve to be punished with comparison to Tarantino's crime classic.