There never was a woman like Gilda
There never was a woman like Gilda


D: Charles Vidor

Columbia (Virginia Van Upp)

USA 🇺🇸 1946

110 mins 


W: Marion Parsonnet

DP: Rudolph Mate

Ed: Charles Nelson

Mus: Hugo Friedhofer

PD: Stephen Goosson & Van Nest Polglase

Cos: Jean Louis

Rita Hayworth (Gilda Mundson), Glenn Ford (Johnny Farrell), George Macready (Ballin Mundson), Joseph Calleia (Obregon), Steven Geray (Uncle Pio)

Classic film-noir, perhaps given even more immortality by its homage in The Shawshank Redemption, although it's Rita Hayworth's scintillating performance which holds up better than the 1940's dialogue.

Glenn Ford gives one of his finest performances as the male lead, Johnny Farrell, a gambler who starts working for a casino owner in South America and makes the startling discovery that his old flame, Gilda, is now married to his dangerous new boss.

The beautiful Gilda, quite enjoys playing her games with her two love interests, as well as the audience, as her mere appearance lights up every scene she's in, particularly her smoking hot introduction, which has become an iconic cinema moment in itself.

The plot is clearly trying to emulate Casablanca, which is where it finds its shortcomings, and though some of the elements feel bound to the period, it still has to be considered a golden age classic of the genre.


Rita Hayworth in Gilda
Rita Hayworth in Gilda