Ghost Rider

D: Mark Steven Johnson
Columbia/Crystal Sky/Relativity Media/Marvel (Avi Arad, Steven Paul, Michael DeLuca & Gary Foster)       
USA 🇺🇸 2007
110 mins


W: Mark Steven Johnson, David Goyer & Shane Salerno [based on the comic book created by Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas & Mike Ploog]
DP: Russell Boyd
Ed: Richard Francis-Bruce
Mus: Christopher Young
PD: Kirk M. Petrucelli

Nicolas Cage (Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider), Eva Mendes (Roxanne Simpson), Wes Bentley (Blackheart / Legion), Sam Elliott (Carter Slade), Peter Fonda (Mephistopheles)

One of the more disappointing comic book films of the late 'noughties' directed by Mark Steven Johnson, who helped the likewise disappointing Daredevil to the screen.
It has to be said that Nicolas Cage is wildly miscast as the vigilante hero, stunt rider by day, ghostly spirit by night, and his performance isn't really bettered by the rest of the cast.
Not completely atrocious, but such promising material should have been a much a better film.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider