Get Carter

D: Mike Hodges
MGM (Mike Klinger)
UK 🇬🇧 1971
112 mins


W: Mike Hodges [based on the novel "Jack's Return Home" by Ted Lewis]
DP: Wolfgang Suschitzky
Ed: John Trumper
Mus: Roy Budd

Michael Caine (Jack Carter), John Osborne (Cyril Kinnear), Ian Hendry (Eric Paice), Britt Ekland (Anna)

Michael Caine is absolutely fantastic as the cockney gangster Jack Carter, who travels up to Newcastle-upon-Tyne to investigate the death of his brother.
Get Carter is a superb British crime thriller which doesn't waste a single character and presents a gritty, ruthless protagonist who you root for despite his unlikeable traits.
Who the hell thought that a Hollywood remake would be a good idea? Idiots!

Michael Caine in Get Carter
Michael Caine in Get Carter