D: Henry Cornelius

GFD/Sirius (Henry Cornelius)

UK 🇬🇧 1953

86 mins


W: William Rose

DP: Christopher Challis

Ed: Clive Donner

Mus: Larry Adler

John Gregson (Alan McKim), Dinah Sheridan (Wendy McKim), Kenneth More (Ambrose Claverhouse), Kay Kendall (Rosalind Peters)

Classic British comedy in which two couples compete in the annual classic-car race from London to Brighton. The title comes from the name of the vehicle owned by Alan and Wendy McKim, who invite their friends Ambrose Claverhouse and Rosalind Peters to the friendly contest, which becomes increasingly competitive on the return journey to London.

Considering the age of the film, it's quite impressively well made, with sprightly performances from the ensemble and a memorable music score.

One of them bank holiday movies which will be a delight for some but might provoke others to go for a drive.