The Fugitive

A murdered wife. A one-armed man. An obsessed detective. The chase begins.
A murdered wife. A one-armed man. An obsessed detective. The chase begins.
D: Andrew Davis
Warner/Barish (Arnold Kopelson)
USA 🇺🇸 1993
127 mins


W: Jeb Stuart & David Twohy [based on the TV series created by Roy Huggins]
DP: Michael Chapman
Ed: Dennis Virkler, David Finfer, Dean Goodhill, Don Brochu, Dov Hoenig & Richard Nord
Mus: James Newton Howard
PD: Dennis Washington
Cos: Aggie Guerard Rodgers

Harrison Ford (Dr. Richard Kimble), Tommy Lee Jones (Deputy Samuel Gerard), Sela Ward (Helen Kimble), Joe Pantoliano (Cosmo Renfro), Andreas Katsulas (Sykes), Jeroen Krabbe (Dr. Charles Nichols), Julianne Moore (Dr. Eastman), Daniel Roebuck (Biggs)

The early 1990's saw a huge surge in movies adapted from 1960's TV programmes and the best of the lot was arguably 1993's The Fugitive, surprisingly nominated for the year's Best Picture Oscar and winning Best Supporting Actor for Tommy Lee Jones.
Whilst the TV series stretched the story out for four seasons, the film abridges it into 130 minutes, without compromising an interesting narrative or dramatic tension.
Harrison Ford plays Dr. Richard Kimble, a vascular surgeon wrongly convicted for the murder of his wife and sentenced to death row. He escapes from custody and begins a search for the real culprit, a one-armed man. Meanwhile, a nationwide manhunt, headed by US Marshal Samuel Gerard (Jones), is seeking Kimble to bring him back to justice.
The Fugitive is one of the ultimate cat-and-mouse thrillers, held together with nail-biting set pieces, taut direction and great performances from it's main two actors, particularly Tommy Lee Jones, with one of the most iconic acting performances of the decade, one which received much parody and imitation in the years following.

Harrison Ford in The Fugitive
Harrison Ford in The Fugitive