The Flintstones

D: Brian Levant
Universal/Amblin/Hanna-Barbera (Bruce Cohen)
USA 🇺🇸 1994
93 mins


W: T. Parker, B. Mandel, M. Markowitz, D. Savel, B. Levant, M.G. Wilson, A. Aidekman, C. Begel, L. Carver, S. Sustarsic, D. Silverman, N. Steen, N. Thompson, D. Goldin, J. Goldin, P.M. Wortmann, R. Conte, J. Reno, R. Osborn, B. Cohen, J. Hoffs, K. Barker, G. Ross, R. Dames, L. Ripps, F. Fox, L. Diamond, D. Richardson, R. Teicher, R. Gurman, M. di Gaetano & R. Bennett [based on the animated series by William Hanna & Joseph Barbera]
DP: Dean Cundey
Ed: Kent Beyda
Mus: David Newman
PD: William Sandell
Cos: Rosanna Norton & Monique Brown

John Goodman (Fred Flintstone), Elizabeth Perkins (Wilma Flintstone), Rick Moranis (Barney Rubble), Rosie O'Donnell (Betty Rubble), Kyle MacLachlan (Cliff Vandercave), Halle Berry (Miss Stone), Elizabeth Taylor (Pearl Slaghoople)

Steven 'Spielrock's' production, bringing the prehistoric community and characters of Bedrock from the cartoon world to a live action screen is nothing more than an exercise in Hollywood studio profligacy. While the set design features all the visual gags you'd likely see in an episode of the cartoon series, the script is wafer-thin with any notable jokes or humour, despite having over 30 different screenwriters contributing to the script.
John Goodman does his best with what he's given, and isn't too bad a choice as Fred Flintstone, unfortunately the rest of the ensemble as either grossly miscast or simply dire. A sequel which managed to be even worse was released six years later.

The cast of The Flintstones
The cast of The Flintstones