The Family Man

D: Brett Ratner
Universal/Beacon (Marc Abraham, Zvi Howard Rosenman, Tony Ludwig & Alan Riche)
USA 🇺🇸 2000
126 mins


W: David Diamond & David Weissman
DP: Dante Spinotti
Ed: Mark Helfrich
Mus: Danny Elfman

Nicolas Cage (Jack Campbell), Téa Leoni (Kate Reynolds / Kate Campbell), Jeremy Piven (Arnie), Josef Sommer (Peter Lassiter), Saul Rubinek (Alan Mintz), Don Cheadle (Cash)

Overly sentimental variant on It's A Wonderful Life, in which Nicolas Cage plays a wealthy but soulless banker whose life magically transforms so he is a husband & father to a suburban family. The moral of the story seems to be making a choice between love & money, but eventually settles that you can have both, which pretty much destroys any message that the film attempts to convey.
Nicolas Cage isn't the best choice of actor for this film, but tries his best in the role. Téa Leoni, meanwhile, simply cannot act her way out of a paper bag. 
Okay as a family film to waste a bit of time with but nothing besides that.

Nicolas Cage in The Family Man
Nicolas Cage in The Family Man