The Fabelmans

Capture every moment
Capture every moment


D: Steven Spielberg

Universal / Amblin / Reliance (Steven Spielberg, Kristie Macosko Krieger & Tony Kushner)

US 🇺🇸 2022

151 mins


W: Steven Spielberg & Tony Kushner

DP: Janusz Kaminski

Ed: Michael Kahn & Sarah Broshar

Mus: John Williams

Gabriel LaBelle (Sammy Fabelman), Michelle Williams (Mitzi Fabelman), Paul Dano (Burt Fabelman), Seth Rogen (Bennie Loewy), Julia Butters (Regina Fabelman), Judd Hirsch (Boris Podgorny)

Steven Spielberg was inspired by his own childhood for this coming-of-age drama following a Jewish family from the early 1950’s, mostly seen through the eyes of the youngest son, Sammy, who aspires to be a filmmaker.

The first act of the film is quite a slow build, setting up the family dynamic and building upon the characters, but there’s a few revelations that maintain interest before a final act, which feels like a completely different film, where Sammy is in his formative years at high school, facing anti-Semitic abuse from the school jocks as he develops a relationship with a Christian girl and continues his passion for filmmaking.

Though it’s a film which is unlikely to provide much entertainment for general audiences, it is an absolute must watch for film fans, budding filmmakers or writers and particularly fans of Steven Spielberg’s works, as it really is brimful with references to the great directors career.

It isn’t quite up there with his best works, but it’s easily his most personal.

It’s also noteworthy that John Williams, a frequent collaborator with the director, delivers one of his finest scores for many years, paying tribute to his own magnificent career in the process.


Gabriel LaBelle in The Fabelmans
Gabriel LaBelle in The Fabelmans