Fruitvale Station

Every step brings you closer to the edge
Every step brings you closer to the edge
D: Ryan Coogler
The Weinstein Company/Significant (Nina Yang Bongiovi & Forest Whitaker)
USA 🇺🇸 2013
82 mins


W: Ryan Coogler
DP: Rachel Morrison
Ed: Claudia Costello & Michael P. Shawver 
Mus: Ludwig Göransson 

Michael B. Jordan (Oscar Grant III), Melonie Diaz (Sophina Mesa), Octavia Spencer (Wanda Johnson), Kevin Durand (Officer Caruso), Chad Michael Murray (Officer Ingram)

Ryan Coogler's directorial debut tells the true story of Oscar Grant III, a young black man in Oakland, CA trying to go straight for the sake of his family following a brief spell in prison, but ends up being shot by a police officer after an incident of gang-related violence while celebrating New Year's Eve with his girlfriend.
The lead performance of Michael B. Jordan was a strong breakthrough for the young actor and the supporting performances of Octavia Spencer and Melonie Diaz are also good. Some events have been dramatised, but often is the way with films that depict true events. A solid piece of independent filmmaking and the first step into cinema for a director who reunited with the same star for 2015's Creed.

Fruitvale Station
Fruitvale Station