Four Weddings & A Funeral

D: Mike Newell
Working Title/Channel 4 (Duncan Kenworthy)
UK 🇬🇧 1994
116 mins


W: Richard Curtis
DP: Michael Coulter
Ed: Jon Gregory
Mus: Richard Rodney Bennett
PD: Maggie Gray
Cos: Lindy Hemming

Hugh Grant (Charles), Andie MacDowell (Carrie), James Fleet (Tom), Simon Callow (Gareth), John Hannah (Matthew), Kristin Scott-Thomas (Fiona), Charlotte Coleman (Scarlett)

Mammoth box office smash of 1994 which put British film back on the worldwide map and created a filmstar out of Hugh Grant, who went on to play virtually the exact same character in various films for the best part of a decade.
Grant plays befuddled bachelor Charles, who meets the woman of his dreams, an American, at a wedding and after spending the night together their paths only ever cross at other social events of their mutual friends.
The humour is very British, with a rich array of characters from different backgrounds, although strictly from the middle-upper classes.
The majority of the performances are very good, especially Kristin Scott-Thomas as Charles' good friend and secret admirer, but the weakest performance is from Andie MacDowell, whose character is actually rather unpleasant, making you wonder exactly how shallow Charles' character really is.
Nevertheless, it was the British film event of the year and has left a lasting legacy.

Kristen Scott-Thomas & Hugh Grant in Four Weddings & A Funeral
Kristen Scott-Thomas & Hugh Grant in Four Weddings & A Funeral