D: Lawrence Kasanoff
Viva/C47/Lions Gate Family Entertainment (George Johnsen, Lawrence Kasanoff & Joshua Wexler)
USA 🇺🇸 2012
87 mins


W: Sean Catherine Derek, Lawrence Kasanoff, Brent Friedman & Rebecca Swanson
Mus: Walter Murphy

voices of: Charlie Sheen (Dex Dogtective), Wayne Brady (Daredevil Dan), Hilary Duff (Sunshine Goodness), Eva Longoria (Lady X), Larry Miller (Vlad Chocool), Christopher Lloyd (Mr. Clipboard)

It's fair to say that Foodfight is a victim of circumstance. This computer-animated feature hit a major snag when it was a victim of theft, leaving only animation that was unfinished and unrendered at a cost of $65 million.
The producers cut their losses and released the incomplete version of the film to claim back a very mere percentage of their stake due to the film being a huge flop at cinemas.
Set in a supermarket where the characters of food products come to life after lights-out, a doggy detective investigates a missing girl who was the cover of a discontinued raisin brand and discovers it to be the work of Brand X, a big conglomerate which is set to wipe out all the smaller, independent labels.
Though the animation looks like something out of a bad computer game from the early 1990's, at least that can be forgiven. The failings here are due to a terrible story which isn't at all original, dialogue which isn't aimed towards children and a moral against commercialism which is completely negated by the incessant product placement.
Even if the film had been released in its completed form, it wouldn't have been very good, but in its rudimentary format, it's downright terrible.