Five Easy Pieces

D: Bob Rafelson
Columbia/BBS (Bob Rafelson & Richard Wechsler)
USA 🇺🇸 1970
96 mins
W: Adrien Joyce & Bob Rafelson
DP: Laszlo Kovacs
Ed: Gerald Shepard & Christopher Holmes
Jack Nicholson (Robert Eroica Dupea), Karen Black (Rayette Dipesto), Billy Green Bush (Elton), Fannie Flagg (Stoney), Sally Struthers (Betty), Marlena MacGuire (Twinky)
Jack Nicholson's follow up performance to his scene stealing turn in Easy Rider sees him play an aimless redneck who jilts both his pregnant mistress  and his brother's fiancée to hitchhike to nowhere in particular.
The final product is less a story of any real narrative coherence but merely a collection of incedents and character studies, featuring a few scenes which must be categorised as classic movie moments, particularly the infamous diner scene.
Jack Nicholson is fantastic, although it could be argued that Karen Black's performance steals the movie from under his nose.
Five Easy Pieces
Five Easy Pieces