Finding Neverland

Where will your imagination take you?
Where will your imagination take you?
D: Marc Forster
Miramax/Filmcolony (Richard N. Gladstein & Nellie Bellflower)
UK/USA 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 2004
106 mins


W: David Magee [based on the book "The Man Who Was Peter Pan" by Allan Knee]
DP: Roberto Schaefer
Ed: Matt Chesse
Mus: Jan A. P. Kaczmarek
PD: Gemma Jackson
Cos: Alexander Byrne

Johnny Depp (James Matthew Barrie), Kate Winslet (Sylvia Llewelyn Davies), Julie Christie (Mrs Emma du Maurier), Radha Mitchell (Mary Ansell Barrie), Dustin Hoffman (Claude Frohman), Kelly MacDonald (Peter Pan), Ian Hart (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), Freddie Highmore (Peter Llewelyn Davies)

A sweet-natured biographical drama with Johnny Depp in fine form as Sir J. M. Barrie, the playwright who is perhaps best known for writing the story of Peter Pan. The film follows Barrie's relationship with a young woman and her children and their inspiration to creating his iconic characters from his famous story.
While factual legitimacy may have been adapted in favour of a more dramatic story, it cannot be denied that Finding Neverland has it's heart in the right place. Faithful production design, costume designs and a poignant musical score also add to the enjoyment of the film, which is a perfect watch for a rainy Sunday afternoon, although it may ruin the magic of Peter Pan for those who still believe in fairies and pixie dust.

Johnny Depp & Freddie Highmore in Finding Neverland
Johnny Depp & Freddie Highmore in Finding Neverland