Father Goose

D: Ralph Nelson
Universal (Robert Arthur)
USA 🇺🇸 1964
115 mins


W: S. H. Barnett, Peter Stone & Frank Tarloff
DP: Charles Lang
Ed: Ted J. Kent
Mus: Cy Coleman
PD: Alexander Golitzen & Henry Bumstead
Cos: Ray Aghayan

Cary Grant (Walter Eckland) Leslie Caron (Catherine Freneau), Trevor Howard (Cmmdr. Frank Houghton), Jack Good (Lt. Stebbings)

Wartime comedy featuring Cary Grant cast against type as a gruff sea captain who finds himself in charge of a group of refugee school children and their teacher.
The story meanders between adventure, farce and sex comedy, but features some funny lines of dialogue.
Good old-fashioned fun for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Cary Grant & Leslie Caron in Father Goose
Cary Grant & Leslie Caron in Father Goose