Fantastic Voyage

D: Richard Fleischer
20th Century Fox (Saul David)
USA 🇺🇸 1966
100 mins

Science Fiction

W: Harry Kleiner & David Duncan [based on the novel by Otto Klement & Jay Lewis Bixby]
DP: Ernest Laszlo
Ed: William B. Murphy
Mus: Leonard Rosenman
PD: Jack Martin Smith & Dale Hennesy

Stephen Boyd (Charles Grant), Raquel Welch (Cora Peterson), Edmond O'Brien (Gen. Carter), Donald Pleasance (Dr. Michaels), Arthur O'Connell (Col. Donald Reid), William Redfield (Capt. Bill Owens), Arthur Kennedy (Dr. Peter Duval)

Incredibly dated but iconic sci-fi gem about a team of scientists who are miniaturised in a vessel and injected into a comatose, brain-damaged scientists bloodstream to repair the damage.
While the production design and visual effects were groundbreaking in the 1960's, by today's standards this looks like a cheesy TV movie or an episode of Doctor Who. Enjoyable enough for its story, but time really hasn't been very kind.

Fantastic Voyage
Fantastic Voyage