48 Hrs

48 HRS (18)

D: Walter Hill

Paramount (Lawrence Gordon & Joel Silver)

US 🇺🇸 1982

96 mins


W: Roger Spottiswoode, Walter Hill, Larry Gross & Steven E. de Souza

DP: Ric Waite

Ed: Freeman Davies, Mark Warner & Billy Weber

Mus: James Horner

Nick Nolte (Jack Cates), Eddie Murphy (Reggie Hammond), James Remar (Albert Ganz), David Patrick Kelly (Luther), Sonny Landham (Billy Bear)

Eddie Murphy's big screen debut sees him pair with Nick Nolte for this buddy/cop comedy.

Murphy plays Reggie Hammond, a convict who is partnered with hard-nosed, bigoted cop Jack Cates (Nolte) for 48 hours so they can trace a pair of cop-killing criminals who are at large.

While Freebie & The Bean (1974) is considered the first film of this subgenre, 48 Hrs popularised it, leading it to become one of the biggest staples of the 1980's.

Certain aspects are quite dated now, but it's still reasonably good fun, with big performances from its leading men who would reunite 8 years later for the sequel (Another 48 Hrs)


Nick Nolte & Eddie Murphy in 48 Hrs
Nick Nolte & Eddie Murphy in 48 Hrs