47 Meters Down

Stay out of the water
Stay out of the water

47 METRES DOWNย (15)

D: Johannes Roberts

Entertainment Studios/Dimension (James Harris & Mark Lane)

UK ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡งย 2017

89 mins


W: Johannes Roberts & Ernest Riera

DP: Mark Silk

Ed: Martin Brinkler

Mus: Tomandandy

Mandy Moore (Lisa), Claire Holt (Kate), Chris J. Johnson (Javier), Yani Gellman (Louis), Matthew Modine (Captain Taylor)

47 Metres Down is a low budget horror which was intended to be straight to video but was picked up by a major distributor to become one of the biggest sleeper hits of summer 2017.

The story concerns two sisters who embark on a cage dive expedition whilst on holiday in Mexico. Tragedy strikes when the suspension cable snaps, sending the cage with the two girls plummeting to the ocean floor and leaving them in a race against time as their air supply runs low and vicious great white sharks circling the waters above.

Though the film was marketed as a horror movie about sharks, the real horror in this scenario is not being able to breathe, and director Johannes Roberts does a fine job focusing on this in the claustrophobic environment in which the action takes place.

The ending won't be for everyone's taste, but overall it's a very decent low-budget suspense flick.ย 


47 Metres Down
47 Metres Down