The Emoji Movie

An adventure beyond words
An adventure beyond words


D: Tony Leondis

Sony/Columbia (Michelle Raimo Kouyate)

USA 🇺🇸 2017

86 mins


W: Tony Leondis, Eric Siegel & Mike White

Mus: Patrick Doyle

T.J. Miller (Gene Meh), James Corden (High-5), Anna Faris (Linda Jailbreak), Maya Rudolph (Smiler), Steven Wright (Mel Meh), Jennifer Coolidge (Mary Meh), Patrick Stewart (Poop)

In 2017, the world seems to have become so technology-obsessed that there's even a movie which will brainwash young children that this is the way the world should be interacting, not with words, but with emoji symbols which are now a feature of smartphones 😒.

The story takes place in a schoolboy's smartphone, in the city of Textopolis, where anthropomorphic emoji's go about their daily lives. The happy emojis are always happy and the sad emojis are always sad, which is practically the running joke of the movie.

New to this society is Gene Meh, who isn't sure how to emote and thus becomes targeted as malware by the phone's security settings.

The biggest problem with the film is that it celebrates the technology-obsessed society in which we live and therefore becomes a marketing ploy as the main characters have to play a game of Candy Crush so they can escape persecution (this scene actually goes as far as telling us all the entire rules of Candy Crush, probably so we all download it).

There's little to no point criticising this movie though, since it made back its production budget four-fold during its cinema run, mostly because it's easy to market an animated movie to young children and their parents during school breaks.

Some films I just can't give a mark out of ten to.


The Emoji Movie
The Emoji Movie