Play it. Live it. Kill for it.
Play it. Live it. Kill for it.
EXISTENZ (eXistenZ) (15)
D: David Cronenberg
Miramax/Alliance Atlantis/Serendipity Point/Natural Nylon (Robert Lantos, Andras Hamori & David Cronenberg)
USA 🇺🇸 1999
97 mins

Science Fiction

W: David Cronenberg
DP: Peter Suschitzky
Ed: Ronald Sanders
Mus: Howard Shore
PD: Carol Spier

Jude Law (Ted Pikul), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Allegra Geller), Willem Dafoe (Gas), Ian Holm (Kiri Vinokur), Callum Keith Rennie (Hugo Carlaw), Sarah Polley (Merle)

Unfairly labelled a Matrix-clone, despite being released in the same year as the Wachowski's science fiction extravaganza.
Jude Law & Jennifer Jason Leigh are participants of a hi-tech, puzzling and complex computer game where a techno-biological device is attached to their spinal column, allowing them to enter the 'game' via vivid hallucinations.
A good concept and some interesting visuals keep the movie alive, and David Cronenberg's slick direction provides originality and intriguing metaphors, but the story is needless complicated and convuluted. Entertaining enough for it's duration, but not as memorable as the filmmaker's previous work.
Jude Law & Jennifer Jason Leigh in eXistenZ
Jude Law & Jennifer Jason Leigh in eXistenZ