Event Horizon

Infinite Space. Infinite Terror.
Infinite Space. Infinite Terror.
D: Paul (W. S.) Anderson
Paramount/Golar/Impact (Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin & Jeremy Bolt)
USA/UK 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 1997
95 mins
Horror/Science Fiction
W: Philip Eisner
DP: Adrian Biddle
Ed: Martin Hunter
Mus: Michael Kamen
PD: Joseph Bennett
Laurence Fishburne (Capt. Miller), Sam Neill (Dr. William Weir), Kathleen Quinlan (Peters), Joely Richardson (Lt. Starck), Richard T. Jones (Cooper), Jack Noseworthy (Ensign Justin), Jason Isaacs (D.J.), Sean Pertwee (Smith)
Hellraiser in space and though the film was met with lukewarm response during its cinema run, it did gain favourable attention when released on home video.
After 35 years drifting in the unknown, contact is re-established with Event Horizon, a spaceship capable of travelling creating its own wormhole for travelling vast distances quickly.
A team of intergalactic scientists are sent to salvage the ship, headed by Laurence Fishburne & Sam Neill, but they find a derelict vessel with no sign of life... 
This film deserves credit for not copying Alien's formula which it easily could have done, the shadowy production design adds to the tension and there's some decent scare scenes.     
The majority of the performances are decent, but Joely Richardson is completely unconvincing. Director Paul W. S. Anderson, best known for video game adaptations like Mortal Kombat & Alien vs Predator, delivers his best work here, unfortunately his output since is lazy filmmaking at best. 
Event Horizon
Event Horizon