Escape from New York / L.A.

D: John Carpenter
Avco Embassy/IFI/Goldcrest (Larry Franco & Debra Hill)
USA 🇺🇸 1981
99 mins

Action/Science Fiction

W: John Carpenter & Nick Castle
DP: Jim Lucas
Ed: Todd Ramsay
Mus: John Carpenter
PD: Joe Alves 

Kurt Russell (Snake Plissken), Lee Van Cleef (Bob Hauk), Ernest Borgnine (Cabbie), Donald Pleasance (President of the USA), Isaac Hayes (Duke of New York City)

Dystopian action movie, set in the 1997 (so unfortunately the year of its prophecy is already dated).
When the island of Manhattan has become a high security prison, the president of the USA is taken hostage within the walls and it's down to one man to break him out... the eye-patch wearing vigilante Snake Plissken.
Kurt Russell delivers one of his most memorable performances as Plissken, bringing just the right attitude and rebellious sneer to the role.
The film has a huge cult following, but isn't quite director John Carpenter's best work. Good fun though.

Kurt Russell in Escape from New York
Kurt Russell in Escape from New York

Snake is Back
Snake is Back
D: John Carpenter
Paramount/Rysher (Kurt Russell & Debra Hill)
USA 🇺🇸 1996
100 mins

Action/Science Fiction

W: John Carpenter, Debra Hill & Kurt Russell
DP: Gary B. Kibbe
Ed: Edward Warschilka
Mus: Shirley Walker & John Carpenter
PD: Lawrence G. Paull

Kurt Russell (Snake Plissken), Stacy Keach (Cmdr. Malloy), Steve Buscemi (Eddie), Peter Fonda (Pipeline), Cliff Robertson (The President)

Sequel to Escape From New York which follows the exact same formula and doesn't bring anything new into the mix.
Kurt Russell reprises his role as Snake Plissken but his best efforts can't make up for a stale screenplay, uninspiring direction and terrible special effects.
Made 15 years too late after the original film and really not worth wasting time with. 

Kurt Russell in Escape from L.A.
Kurt Russell in Escape from L.A.