D: David Lynch
AFI (David Lynch)
USA 🇺🇸 1977 (released 1978)
89 mins
W: David Lynch
DP: Frederick Elmes
Ed: David Lynch
Mus: Peter Ivers
Jack Nance (Henry Spencer), Charlotte Stewart (Mary X), Allen Joseph (Mr. X), Jeanne Bates (Mrs. X), Judith Anna Roberts (Beautiful Girl Across the Hall), Laurel Near (Lady in the Radiator)
The first feature from director David Lynch is a surrealist nightmare with abstract images & haunting visuals and sound design. 
Jack Nance is nervy nerd Henry, whose wife gives birth and he finds himself the father of an inhuman monster. He escapes from his horrors in his equally unusual dreams where the "lady in the radiator" resides.  The film's title even comes from one of these dream sequences, where Henry's head is chopped off and turned into erasers for pencils.
For nighmarish visuals, Lynch's film is bang on the money, but the story is the most unusual that you'll ever experience.
The trouble I personally have with the majority of David Lynch movies is that I find them weird just for the sake of being weird. I think I understand them, but do I really? Does anyone??
Yes, it's a classic. Nobody can deny it. But it's a classic simply for being the biggest headfuck ever put on film.
Jack Nance in Eraserhead
Jack Nance in Eraserhead