The Day After Tomorrow

D: Roland Emmerich
20th Century Fox (Roland Emmerich & Mark Gordon)
USA 🇺🇸 2004
124 mins

Adventure/Science Fiction

W: Roland Emmerich & Jeffrey Nachmanoff [based on the book "The Coming Global Superstorm" by Art Bell & Whitley Strieber]
DP: Ueli Steiger
Ed: David Brenner
Mus: Harald Kloser
PD: Barry Chusid

Dennis Quaid (Prof. Jack Hall), Jake Gyllenhaal (Sam Hall), Ian Holm (Prof. Terry Rapson), Emmy Rossum (Laura Chapman), Sela Ward (Dr. Lucy Hall), Dash Mihok (Jason Evans)

Exaggerating global warming for the sake of a dramatic tension, The Day After Tomorrow is a far-fetched disaster movie which still maintains an air of realism.  
The story and characters are all one big cliche, featuring Dennis Quaid as a meterologist who predicts an impending wave of freak weather, including snowstorms in India, huge tidal waves in New York, followed by a super storm which plunged the entire northern hemisphere into a new ice age.  He then treks into the trecherous conditions to rescue his son, who is part of a small group of survivors seeking shelter in New York City.
It goes without saying that the film has some absolutely ludicrous scenes and dialogue (like characters trying to 'outrun the cold' and arguing about which books to burn in a library when they're surrounded by wooden furniture), but brilliant special effects and steady pacing make this a decent watch.  Any Hollywood blockbuster which uses the phrase 'We have reached a critical desalinisation point' must surely get a few brownie points.
The credibility of the plot may be hugely amplified, but the enjoyment factor alone makes this one of the better disaster movies of recent times.         

The Day After Tomorrow
The Day After Tomorrow