The Dam Busters

D: Michael Anderson
ABPC (Robert Clark & W.A. Whittaker)
UK 🇬🇧 1955
125 mins


W: R.C. Sheriff [based on the books "The Dam Busters" by Paul Brickhill and "Enemy Coast Ahead" by Guy Gibson]
DP: Erwin Hillier
Ed: Richard Best
Mus: Leighton Lucas & Eric Coates

Michael Redgrave (Dr. B.N. Wallis), Richard Todd (Wing Cmdr. Guy Gibson), Basil Sydney (Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris), Derek Farr (Capt. J.N.H. Whitworth)

Dramatisation of the dam buster missions of World War II, where the creation of bouncing bombs would destroy German dams and provided a turning point for allied victory. 
The film has gone on to become a British war classic, much due to its stirring and patriotic music, and also due to the brilliant action sequences, utilising excellent model work and photographic effects (these scenes were also a huge inspiration for the finale of Star Wars).
The acting is fine throughout, and though the political incorrectness of some of the dialogue might cause a bit of a sniff in modern times, this is very much a slice of the realism of wartime Britain.

The Dam Busters
The Dam Busters