You will believe
You will believe
D: Rob Cohen
Universal (Raffaela de Laurentiis)
USA 🇺🇸 1996
103 mins
W: Charles Edward Pogue
DP: David Eggby
Ed: Peter Amundsen
Mus: Randy Edelman
Dennis Quaid (Bowen), Sean Connery (voice of Draco), David Thewlis (King Einon), Pete Postlethwaite (Gilbert of Glockenspur), Dina Meyer (Kara), Jason Isaacs (Lord Felton)
Sean Connery is a dragon, and gets romantically involved with Catherine Zeta-Jones... Oops! That's a different movie.
Let's try again, Sean Connery is a dragon and plays James Bond for the umpteenth time in this disguise remake of Thunderball... Oops! I did it again...
Third time lucky: Sean Connery is a dragon, the last of his kind. Dennis Quaid is a dragon hunter.  Since Quaid will be out of work if he kills the last remaining dragon, the two form a partnership which keeps Quaid out of medieval unemployment and keeps the fire-breathing species from becoming extinct.
The catch- a megalomaniac king wants the dragon's heart so he can absorb it's power.
All in all, it's an enjoyable medieval sword & sorcery adventure despite not being particularly memorable. The CGI-rendered effects bring the dragon to life marvellously and Connery's voice gives the beast a winning personality.
Low-budget sequels followed, lacking all the magic which made this film worth watching.