Don't Breathe


D: Fede Alvarez

Screen Gems/Stage 6/Ghost House/Good Universe (Fede Alvarez, Sam Raimi & Robert Tapert)

USA 🇺🇸 2016

88 mins


W: Fede Alvarez & Rodo Sayagues

DP: Pedro Luque

Ed: Eric L. Beason, Louise Ford & Gardner Gold

Mus: Roque Banos

Stephen Lang (Norman Nordstrom, "The Blind Man"), Jane Levy (Rocky), Dylan Minnette (Alex), Daniel Zovatto (Money), Franciska Törôcsik (Cindy Roberts)

Wait Until Dark (qv) for the 21st century, following a trio of teenage thieves who break into homes to fund their plans to travel to California. 

Rocky (Jane Levy) is the main protagonist of the three, and along with her douchebag boyfriend, Money, and her besotted friend, Alex, they plan robberies based on the database which Alex's dad has in his security company, so they can use copies of keys and utilise knowledge of the alarm systems.

They plan for their last job to be in the house of a blind man, whose cash horde is believed to be $300,000.

Of course, the blind loner is far less helpless than the robbers assume and the deadly game of cat-and-mouse begins, only for it to emerge that the blind man is more morally reprehensible than a gang of lowlife thieves, even if the girl of the group comes from a broken home in a pathetic attempt for the audience to feel sympathy for her plight.

There isn't any good guy here, and it's one of them films where you couldn't care less who comes out alive at the end of it.

There's a good concept here, but it really is ruined by the fact that all the characters are poorly written.

Don't Bother. Watch Wait Until Dark or A Quiet Place instead.


Stephen Lang in Don't Breathe
Stephen Lang in Don't Breathe