D.O.A. (18)
D: Rocky Morton & Annabel Jankel
Warner Bros./Touchstone/Silver Screen Partners III (Jan Sandler & Laura Ziskin)
USA 🇺🇸 1988
97 mins


W: Charles Edward Pogue [based on a screenplay by Russell Rouse & Clarence Greene]
DP: Yuri Neyman
Ed: Michael R. Miller & Raja Gosnell
Mus: Chaz Jankel

Dennis Quaid (Prof. Dexter Cornell), Meg Ryan (Sydney Fuller), Charlotte Rampling (Mrs. Fitzwaring), Daniel Stern (Hal Petersham), Jane Kaczmarek (Gail Cornell)

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan star in this remake of a 1950 thriller of the same name, where Quaid plays a victim of a slow-acting poison caught in a race against time to solve his own murder.
The performances here are fine, but the film is almost completely without suspense. Considering there were two directors calling the shots, you'd think one of them could get it right.
The title pretty much sums up the movie.

Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid in D.O.A.
Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid in D.O.A.