Digby: The Biggest Dog in the World

D: Joe McGrath
20th Century Fox (Walter Shenson)
UK 🇬🇧 1973
88 mins

Comedy/Science Fiction

W: Michael Pertwee [based on the book 'Hazel' by Ted Key]
DP: Harry Waxman
Ed: Jim Connock
Mus: Edwin T. Astley

Jim Dale (Jeff Eldon), Spike Milligan (Dr. Harz), Angela Douglas (Janine)

If you were to watch this movie now, you'd probably balk at how dated the special effects appear to be.
The story itself is quite decent; an old English sheepdog accidentally drinks an experimental growth formula intended for use on plants and grows to gargantuan size, leaving a trail of destruction in its path.
It's unlikely to find any audience nowadays, but for the 1970's it made a nice children's film for a rainy afternoon.
A film which is unfortunately very much stuck in its own age. A remake could probably serve it well, if it was done right.

Digby: The Biggest Dog in the World
Digby: The Biggest Dog in the World