Diary of the Dead

Where will you be when the end begins?
Where will you be when the end begins?
D: George A. Romero
Optimum (Peter Grunwald, Art Spigel, Sam Englebardt & Ara Katz)
USA 🇺🇸 2008
94 mins


W: George A. Romero
DP: Adam Swica
Ed: Michael Doherty
Mus: Norman Orenstein

Michelle Morgan (Debra), Josh Close (Jason), Shawn Roberts (Tony), Amy Lalonde (Tracy), Joe Dinicol (Eliot), Scott Wentworth (Andrew)

The Night Of The Living Dead saga gets the documentary style/found footage treatment and it works in places, but not so well in others, as a ragtag group of teenagers film the events of a zombie apocalypse when the low-budget horror film they were shooting is interrupted by it.
Unfortunately it tries too hard to be clever and make some sort of social commentary that it forgets to be scary and the performances can only be described as serviceable at best.

Diary of the Dead
Diary of the Dead