Death Wish


D: Eli Roth

MGM/Annapurna/Cave 76 (Roger Birnbaum)

USA 🇺🇸 2018

107 mins


W: Joe Carnahan [based on the novel by Brian Garfield & the 1974 screenplay by Wendell Mayes]

DP: Rogier Stoffiers

Ed: Mark Goldblatt

Mus: Ludwig Goränsson

Bruce Willis (Dr. Paul Kersey), Vincent D'Onofrio (Frank Kersey), Dean Norris (Det. Kevin Raines), Kimberley Elise (Det. Leonore Jackson), Elisabeth Shue (Lucy Rose Kersey), Camila Morrone (Jordan Kersey)

A remake of the 1974 film, with added violence and Bruce Willis, ridiculously unconvincing as a doctor, who turns vigilante following an attack on his family which leaves his wife dead and teenage daughter in a coma.

Despite being an okay time-killer, this doesn't bring anything new to the ideas explored in the 1974 film (and its many sequels) and just feels like a cash-in on similarly themed movies like Taken and John Wick.

Willis did one for the money, Elisabeth Shue & Vincent D'Onofrio deserve much better and John Norris plays his exact same character from TV's Breaking Bad.

Unremarkable to say the very least.


Bruce Willis in Death Wish
Bruce Willis in Death Wish