Death Becomes Her

D: Robert Zemeckis 
Universal (Robert Zemeckis & Steve Starkey)
USA 🇺🇸 1992
104 mins


W: Martin Donovan & David Koepp
DP: Dean Cundey
Ed: Arthur Schmidt
Mus: Alan Silvestri
PD: Rick Carter
Cos: Joanna Johnston

Meryl Streep (Madeline Ashton), Bruce Willis (Ernest Melville), Goldie Hawn (Helen Sharp), Isabella Rossellini (Lisle Von Rhuman), Sydney Pollack (Doctor), Ian Ogilvy (Chagall), Adam Storke (Dakota), Nancy Fish (Rose)

A cosmetic comedy, looking good but ultimately it's quite shallow and empty.
Two feuding women fight over a potion which brings about eternal youth, which has a downside when they're both murdered and come back from the dead.
A better movie was wasted here, but it must be said that the visual effects are absolutely brilliant. It's also quite fun to see Bruce Willis send up his tough guy image by playing against type as a complete wimp. Streep and Hawn are good, but the script really needed to be better, especially in the later stages.

Goldie Hawn & Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her
Goldie Hawn & Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her