The Crying Game

Desire is a Danger Zone
Desire is a Danger Zone
D: Neil Jordan
Palace/Channel 4/NDF (Stephen Woolley)
USA/Ireland 🇬🇧 🇮🇪 1992
112 mins
W: Neil Jordan
DP: Ian Wilson
Ed: Kant Pan
Mus: Anne Dudley
PD: Jim Clay
Stephen Rea (Fergus), Jaye Davidson (Dil), Miranda Richardson (Jude), Jim Broadbent (Col), Ralph Brown (Dave), Adrian Dunbar (Maguire), Forest Whitaker (Jody), Breffini McKenna (Tinker), Joe Savino (Eddie)
It's best if you watch this film knowing absolutely nothing about it.  It comes pretty close to a masterpiece and is easily in the Top 50 British movies ever made (Technically, it is Irish, but the majority is shot in London)
The story concerns Fergus, an IRA gunman who becomes friends with a British soldier who is taken hostage.  After the soldier's death, Fergus upholds his promise to go to London and look after the soldier's lover, with whom he falls in love.
All the performances are fantastic, especially Stephen Rea, Forest Whitaker, Miranda Richardson and the debutting Jaye Davidson.  Neil Jordan's well written script contains some pearls of dialogue and he directs his thriller with some deft touches, maintaining the tension throughout the running time.  Thoroughly recommended, and watch it before someone gives it all away!!!
The Crying Game
The Crying Game