The Counterfeiters

D: Stefan Ruzowitzky
Metronome (Josef Aicholzer, Nina Bohlmann & Babette Schröder)
Austria/Germany/France 🇦🇹 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 2007
98 mins


W: Stefan Ruzowitzky 
DP: Benedict Neuenfels
Ed: Britta Nahler
Mus: Marius Ruhland
PD: Isidor Wimmer

Karl Markovics (Salomon Sorowitsch), August Diehl (Adolf Burger), Devid Striesow (Sturmbannführer Herzog), Martin Brambach (Haupsturmführer Holst)

A remarkable true story about a group of Jews forced to forge banknotes from a concentration camp in WWII Germany.
Torn between their will to stay alive and the politics of funding the Nazi regime, there is in-fighting amongst the group, headed by fantastic lead performances from Karl Markovics and August Diehl.
An Oscar winner for Foreign Language Film, this film is well recommended to fans of foreign cinema and/or great war movies.

The Counterfeiters
The Counterfeiters