The Company of Wolves

D: Neil Jordan
ITC/Palace (Chris Brown & Stephen Woolley)     
UK 🇬🇧 1984
95 mins
W: Angela Carter & Neil Jordan [based on the books by Angela Carter]
DP: Bryan Loftus
Mus: George Fenton
PD: Anton Furst
Cos: Elizabeth Waller
Angela Lansbury (Granny), David Warner (Father), Sarah Patterson (Rosaleen), Graham Crowden (Old Priest), Micha Bergese (Huntsman), Stephen Rea (Young Groom)
A fairytale for adults with a horror spin on Little Red Riding Hood, using some of the best werewolf effects brought to screen (personally I think these are the second best only to An American Werewolf In London).
It's a very well told horror-fantasy, atmospherically directed with sumptuous production values. Only the ending disappoints.
Still, it's well worth 95 minutes of anyone's time, especially fans of horror and gothic fantasy.

Sarah Patterson in The Company of Wolves
Sarah Patterson in The Company of Wolves