D: Albert Pyun
Cannon (Menahem Golan & Yoram Globus)
USA 🇺🇸 1989
85 mins
Science Fiction/Action
W: Kitty Chalmers
DP: Philip Alan Waters
Ed: Scott Stevenson & Roseanne Zingale
Mus: Kevin Bassinson
Jean Claude Van Damme (Gibson Rickenbacker), Deborah Richter (Nady Simmons), Vincent Klyn (Fender Tremelo), Alex Daniels (Marshall Strat)
Cheap, trashy Terminator knock off about a martial arts expert (none other) who accompanies a female cyborg across post-apocalyptic America, so she/it can save mankind. The film was originally planned as a sequel to 1987's Master of the Universe, but funding problems meant the script needed a massive re-jig, built around sets and costumes which were all ready for the aforementioned production.
It's about the standard you'd expect from Cannon Films, who over the course of the 1980's released some of the worst films (ever).     

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Cyborg
Jean-Claude Van Damme in Cyborg