CUJO (18)
D: Lewis Teague
ITC/Sunn Classic/Taft (Daniel H. Blatt)
USA 🇺🇸 1983
91 mins
W: Don Carlos Dunaway & Lauren Cuttier [based on the novel by Stephen King]
DP: Jan de Bont
Ed: Neil Travis
Mus: Charles Bernstein
Dee Wallace (Donna Trenton), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Vic Trenton), Danny Pintauro (Tad Trenton), Ed Lauter (Joe Camber), Christopher Stone (Steve Kemp)
A St. Bernard dog is bitten by a rabid bat and becomes a vicious killer.
The original Stephen King book may have generated scares through the imagination of the reader, as may have this film when it was originally released back in 1983. By today's standards, it just looks like a dog covered in lots of ketchup. Put it down, immediately.