Cries & Whispers


D: Ingmar Bergman

Svensk Filmindustri (Lars-Owe Carlberg)

Sweden 🇸🇪 1972

91 mins


W: Ingmar Bergman

DP: Sven Nykvist

Ed: Siv Lundgren

Mus: Johánn Sebastian Bach & Frédéric Chopin

Harriet Andersson (Agnes), Liv Ullmann (Maria), Kari Sylwan (Anna), Ingrid Thulin (Karin), Anders Ek (Isak)

A Swedish classic and a hugely personal film for writer-director Ingmar Bergman, who drew on real life experiences bringing this drama to the screen.

The story, set in 19th Century Sweden, follows the relationship of three sisters and their mother, who is suffering from terminal cancer.

The film has a distinct arthouse approach, with allegories on suffering and the psyche, while drawing on themes of feminism, all against a rich saturated palette of crimson red which won director of photography Sven Nykvist an Oscar for Best Cinematography.

Of course, it won't be for everyone's tastes, due to its morose and downbeat subject, as well as being in the Swedish language with English subtitles.

The performances are all fantastic however and it's highly representive of Ingmar Bergman's finest work.


Cries & Whispers
Cries & Whispers