Cop Land

No one is above the law
No one is above the law
D: James Mangold
Woods Entertainment (Cary Woods, Cathy Konrad & Ezra Swerdlow)
USA 🇺🇸 1997
105 mins
W: James Mangold
DP: Eric Edwards
Ed: Craig McKay
Mus: Howard Shore
Sylvester Stallone (Sheriff Freddy Heflin), Harvey Keitel (Ray Donlan), Ray Liotta (Gary 'Figs' Figgis), Robert DeNiro (Moe Tilden), Peter Berg (Joey Randone), Janeane Garofalo (Deputy Cindy Betts), Robert Patrick (Jack Rucker), Michael Rapaport (Murray Babitch), Annabella Sciorra (Liz Randone)
A rather average crime thriller which provides Sylvester Stallone with his best acting performance in well over a decade. He plays Freddy Heflin, a hearing impaired sheriff in a New Jersey town with a high population of lawmen from the NYPD, where he uncovers corruption and has to fight against his own.
In fairness, the plot is all a bit of a mess, but it's worth watching simply to witness Stallone doing a very good job.

Sylvester Stallone in Cop Land
Sylvester Stallone in Cop Land