D: Craig Zobel
Magnolia/Dogfish (Craig Zobel, Sophia Lin, Theo Sena, Lisa Muskat & Tyler Davidson)
USA 🇺🇸 2012
90 mins
W: Craig Zobel
DP: Adam Stone
Ed: Jane Rizzo
Mus: Heather McIntosh
Dreama Walker (Becky), Ann Dowd (Sandra), Ashlie Atkinson (Marti), Pat Healy (Officer Daniels), Bill Camp (Van), James McCaffrey (Det. Neals)
It's absolutely unbelievable that this film is based on actual events, although this isn't to say that it isn't a convincing and compelling thriller, after all, it isn't too unbelievable that some people can simply be incredibly naïve.
Compliance is by no means a comfortable watch. The movie is deeply disturbing both as a film and as a commentary on how easy people can be manipulated. 
The story follows the members of staff in a busy fast food restaurant during a rather hectic day. The manager gets a phone call from Officer Daniels, informing her that one of her members of staff is accused of theft and must be detained until he gets there.
What follows is a study of how people act when confronted by someone in a position of authority and the line between obedience and manipulation is almost invisible.
It's absolutely shocking that this movie is based partly on fact and though some of it verges on the absolute ridiculous it still serves well as an education tool so that similar behaviour doesn't continue. 
Without doubt, this movie portrays a woman's greatest terror.

Dreama Walker in Compliance
Dreama Walker in Compliance